Optimal Essentials was started in 2006 By Dr Phil Sheldon's love of all things natural.  Optimal Essentials  是由菲尔谢尔顿博士于2006年创始的,他热爱所有自然的事物。


Being in clinical practice for over ten years Dr Phil Sheldon noticed the best results were gained to a patient’s health by keeping their diet as natural as possible.



It was through this that Dr Phil Sheldon became very aware that all vitamin tablets, even though were claimed to be natural, were in fact synthetic.  So he decided to make his own natural Superfood powders, at first to help patients who were fighting many illnesses, especially cancer where good nutrition was vital.

正是通过这一点,菲尔谢尔顿博士非常清楚所有维生素片,即使声称是天然的,实际上也是合成的。 因此,他决定制作自己的纯天然超级食品,首先帮助那些与许多疾病作斗争的患者,特别是那些营养对他们很重要的癌症患者。


The name Optimal Essentials was chosen to show how important the optimal amount of essential nutrients is needed to give the human body on a daily basis.  

选择Optimal Essentials(最重要的营养元素)这一名称是为了表明每天为人体提供最佳必需营养素的重要性。


At first Dr Phil Sheldon made all the powders by hand, grinding the dried foods and seeds himself just for his patients.  The demand for his formulas grew as his patients’ health improved and they felt great.

起初谢尔顿博士手工制作所有粉末,只为他的病人研磨干燥的食物和种子。 随着患者的健康状况得到改善,他们的配方需求也随之增长。


So on the 19th June, 2007 Dr Phil Sheldon’s Optimal Essentials received its first major order from a major pharmacy. Dr Phil Sheldon’s wife, his three daughters and business partner Wendy worked all weekend to get the order out.  In those days it was all done by hand…. But they did it!  Seven days later all products had sold out and a second order was placed, an even bigger order.  Back to work for the family.

所以在2007年6月19日,谢尔顿博士的Optimal Essentials接到了一家大药房的第一份重要订单。 菲尔谢尔顿博士的妻子,他的三个女儿和商业伙伴温迪整个周末都在制作他们的产品。 在那些日子里,这一切都是手工完成的.... 但是他们做到了! 七天后,所有产品都已售罄,而同时又接到了第二个订单,这次的订单更大。 他们又回到家里继续工作。

Featured regularly on Radio and Television, Dr Phil Sheldon’s Optimal Essentials has gone from strength to strength. With literally hundreds of testimonials from happy, delighted customers, rave reviews on social media and numerous recommendations from doctors and specialist alike. Dr Phil Sheldon’s Optimal Essentials is used and loved by politicians and athletes to the whole family.

菲尔谢尔顿博士的Optimal Essentials经常在广播和电视上播出,不断壮大。高兴满意的客户的数以百计的推荐,社交媒体的好评如潮以及医生和专家的众多推荐。菲尔谢尔顿博士的Optimal Essentials被政治家和运动员用于全家。

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