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Optimal Essentials was born in 2006 out of Dr Phil Sheldon’s love of all things natural.  


Being in clinical practice for over ten years Dr Phil Sheldon noticed the best results were gained to a patients health by keeping their diet as natural as possible.


It was through this that Dr Phil Sheldon became very aware that all vitamin tablets, even though were claimed to be natural, were in fact synthetic.  So he decided to make his own natural Superfood powders, at first to help patients who were fighting many illnesses, especially cancer where good nutrition was vital.


The name Optimal Essentials was chosen to show how important the optimal amount of essential nutrients is needed to give the human body on a daily basis.  


At first Dr Phil Sheldon made all the powders by hand, grinding the dried foods and seeds himself just for his patients.  The demand for his formulas grew as his patients’ health improved and they felt great.


He then received a call from one of South Australia’s premier Pharmacies groups called National Pharmacies. The chief buyer had heard from a friend about how good Dr Phil Sheldon’s Optimal Essentials products were.  Pharmacy customers were also asking for the Optimal Essentials products.


So on the 19th June, 2007 Dr Phil Sheldon’s Optimal Essentials received its first major order from a major Pharmacy. Dr Phil Sheldon’s wife, his three daughters and business partner Wendy worked all weekend to get the order out.  In those days it was all done by hand…. But they did it!  Seven days later all products had sold out and a second order was placed, an even bigger order.  Back to work for the family.


Featured regularly on Radio and Television, Dr Phil Sheldon’s Optimal Essentials has gone from strength to strength. With literally hundreds of testimonials from happy, delighted customers, rave reviews on Social Media and numerous recommendations from Doctors and Specialist alike. Dr Phil Sheldon’s Optimal Essentials is used and loved by Politicians and Athletes to the whole family.


Is it true that ‘you are what you eat’ and ‘are we as a civilisation digging our own graves with our knives and forks’? Probably, yes to both. Less than 10% of Australian Adults eat the recommended daily amount of fruits and vegetables and subsequently fibre.  It is even worse for our children. The fear amongst many in the field of public health, such as myself, is that we are seeing for the first time ever a decrease in longevity and an increase in lifestyle related diseases. 


The level of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids as well as various fibres, pre and probiotics in our products are so extensive that we just can’t fit it all on the labels. Wheatgrass alone has Fibre, Beta-Carotene, Iron, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Phosphorus, Chlorophyll, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Folate and the list goes on so we can quite confidently say that in Optimal Essentials Boost alone there are over 100 various nutrients.  So as you can see with so many nutrients in our products it would have to be a really, really big label or really, really tiny writing to get it all in. So take our word when we say our powders have got the lot.


That’s why I (Dr Phil) formulated my Optimal Essentials range - There's a product for everyone… and they’re all food-based powders… which are quickly digested and absorbed by your body. They can even be safely taken while on medication or during pregnancy as all ingredients are naturally food derived.  As a supplementary drink they are easily taken, pleasant tasting and quick to prepare especially when using our blender shaker. All of our powders are compatible so they can be mixed together if several formulations are required.


Optimal Essentials products contain NO nasties – only good stuff. NO gluten, artificial flavours, colours, preservatives, fillers, MSG, synthetic chemicals, sucrose, fructose, dextrose, cholesterol, yeast, peanuts or added salt. We never test on animals, only relatives! Certified organic ingredients are used where possible and there are no genetically modified ingredients.


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