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We passionately believe in good nutrition and the healing and restorative power of food, clean ingredients and incorporating the very best that nutritional science has to offer.


Suitable for the whole family, Dr Phil’s products are whole-food based which means all ingredients are obtained from whole food sources with no addition of synthetic vitamins, fillers, additives, sugar, artificial sweetener or preservatives.  


Where we can we source organic Australian grown ingredients and each batch is tested to ensure it contains the optimum blend of essentials nutrients.


They can be safely taken while on medication or during pregnancy as all ingredients are naturally food derived. All our powders are compatible so they can be mixed together if several formulations are required and are quick and easy to prepare. 


Want to find out more about Optimal Essentials?  Meet the team below or click HERE to read our complete story.


Meet the Team

Dr Philip Sheldon

Dr Phil  holds a Doctorate in Public Health & Nutrition, graduating from Flinders University in South Australia. He also has a Master’s Degree in Health Science (Human Nutrition Deakin University, Vic) a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Science and Nutrition, with a Graduate Diploma of Applied Science in Integrative, Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (Swinburne University, Vic).  Dr Sheldon has studied extensively in Herbal Medicine and Nutritional Medicine.


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Wendy Broekx

Wendy Broekx -  Managing Director


Wendy has 2 dogs and 2 cats - her children as she calls them (and lot's of fish). She loves all animals and has worked overseas in Wildlife Rescue Centres with elephants, tigers, bears and much more. Her other love is photography (yes, you guessed it wildlife and nature - click here to check out her gallery). 


Wendy also works out every day, eats clean and has just launched her own website called - www.bodydesignbywendy.com.


Wendy loves life, cares deeply about the planet and truly believes that you must have no regrets.   "Reach for the stars, be fearless, love life, help others and laugh."


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Wendy Broekx - BodyDesignbyWendy

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